for successfully joining Kanarienvogel.

       all fans are welcome
Provided you tell me your name (or nickname), country, and a valid email.  Surnames will not be listed for security purposes.  Websites and other information are optional.

       avoid nonsensical names
While you're welcome to join with an alias, random letters or nonsensical words will not be accepted (eg, "sdkfjlds").  Any flourished or overdone nicknames will be cut down to the basic of that name (eg, I would list "{xX~~*dreamgrrl*~~xx}" as "dreamgrrl").

       link to my fanlisting
If you want me to list your website, I appreciate you placing a code linking back to this fanlisting in a visible part of your site.

       offensive material is not welcome
Offensive names will not be listed.  Websites containing illegal, offensive, or pornographic material will not be linked, without exception.