rozen maiden
is a manga -- and the resulting anime series -- by Sendō Banri and Ebara Shibuko, the combination known as   PEACH-PIT  .

       this page contains spoilers

is the second Rozen creation, but the last known doll to appear in the second season, Rozen Maiden ~träumend~Kanaria's bright, arrogant personality has her stalking the other dolls with a pair of binoculars and single-minded determination that she is clearly the best, and scheming plans on how to take their Rosa Mystica with the accompaniment of her artificial spirit Pizzicato, whom she talks to non-stop.  She is truly adorable, and fortunately her plans always fail miserably through some comical coincidence (and that damned crow!), and she makes no genuine effort to hurt her sisters.  In fact she seems determined to prove to herself how wonderful and clever she is, rather than actually defeating them.  She has a habit of ending some sentences with kashira (meaning, "I wonder?" or "maybe"?), a similar speech habit to the way Hinaichigo says na no (meaning "because"), and Suiseiseki says desu.

Despite how sweet and eccentric she is throughout the series, when it comes to protecting herself or the dolls she has come to care for, Kanaria is no pushover.  She proves to be a stubborn opponent, attacking with a violin that appears beautiful, but destroys over a large range with its powerful sound.

Kanaria's medium is a young woman, the professional photographer Kusabue Mitsu (whom Kanaria calls Micchan).  Micchan is absolutely obsessed with dolls, as you can tell from the decor in her house, and the way she dotes excessively on Kanaria.  One of the most comical episodes of ~träumend~ is when Micchan meets Hinaichigo, Shinku, Suiseiseki, and Souseiseki, and spends hours dressing them (and Kanaria) into beautiful outfits, and taking photos.  Her non-stop exclamations, and the reaction of the dolls is priceless, and by that point it seems to have helped the bond between Kanaria and the others.  By the later episodes, she gets along well with them, especially Hinaichigo.

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