Last updated: September 28, 2013

Looking for a way to show the world you're a proud supporter of the bow? Look no further! Welcome to the Billy Lee Black fanlisting approved by

A fanlisting is basically a list of people who are fans of a particular subject. This one, obviously, is dedicated to Billy. All you need to join is an e-mail address, although you can certainly link back here from your website. And if you like, you can snag a button to help you do so.

A few simple rules (yeah yeah, get on with it right?):

1. You must fill in your name/alias, country, and e-mail address. Website URLs and additional info are optional. Your e-mail address is protected from spam here. It appears as a normal link, but is coded in such a way that spam robots can't harvest it. However, if you do not want your e-mail address listed on the members page, just say so when you fill out the form.

2. Your real name isn't mandatory, but if you use an alias, don't make it ~*dReAM BaBy GuRL*~ or something. If you do I'll probably alter it to something that's... in English.

3. Please link back here if you join. I won't kill you if you don't, but more people can discover the greatness of Billy that way! I've provided some buttons below, but feel free to make your own or simply use a text link.

4. I won't post links to websites with offensive content - you can still join, I just won't link to your website on the members page. The decision is up to me, but I'm not very easily offended, so generally you shouldn't worry.


Read all of that? Want to get on with it and join already? Then just fill out the form!


E-mail address:

Website URL (optional):


Other info/comments:


Want a button for your website? Feel free to make one of your own or use one of these, just make sure and upload them to your own space. To show it off, just use this code:

If you're a fan of text, we've got that too. Just use this code to get the example above. Feel free to change the text if you think mine sucks.

I like Billy. You should too!

That's it, you're done. Welcome aboard! You should be added within two weeks; if you're not added by then, you can re-submit your info via the form or . If you need to update your info, just re-submit the join form, and leave a note that you were already on the list and what you're changing in the comments section.


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